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Main LinkBox Tools

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Indexing checking

Anchor list


In order for links posted on donor websites to work effectively, they must be indexed. Since Google may not find these links or find them after a long time, they also cannot transfer link juice, and the owner of the promoted website just loses money.

The backlink indexer tool allows SEOs to speed up indexing on their own. This is necessary because Google's algorithms cannot carry out the process quickly and stably: as a result, link building slows down, which cannot but affect the quality of promotion in general.


Link building is still an effective promotion method that needs to be approached correctly. In order for backlink promotion to take place as naturally, safely and efficiently as possible, a SEO specialist must constantly monitor all the backlinks.

This allows you to significantly save your budget in the long term: when you see that some of the posted links are not working, you simply optimize the campaign and do not waste money on useless actions. Without regular monitoring, you also run the risk of missing the fact of disappearing very important and expensive links.

Thousands of links are checked in just a couple of clicks, and the data obtained can be easily analyzed both in the service interface and in the Excel file.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of indexing in backlink promotion: the effectiveness of the entire link building campaign depends on it. Google's algorithm qualitatively indexes only pages that are valuable in its opinion: but there could be problems with the rest of the content.

If the page is not indexed, the link will not work, and its weight will not be taken into account in the promotion process.

To prevent page positions from falling, the publisher needs to constantly monitor the backlink performance. Convenient LinkBox tools allow you to timely check backlinks and, if needed, index the necessary links.

A well-designed anchor list has a beneficial effect on backlink promotion; big mistakes, on the other hand, can greatly spoil the situation and even get a filter from search engines.

An anchor list is a list of backlink texts posted on the donor pages during the campaign and the frequency of their use. It’s necessary to take into account the promoted keywords, level of competition, and already used anchor texts for maximum diversity.

It is very important to understand which anchor list is taken into account by Google but not third services that show no more than 10% of relevant and 90% of irrelevant information.

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